Cacao Superfood Smoothie x12 Pack

Cacao, Banana & Hemp

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12 x 350ml
Cacao Superfood Smoothie x12 Pack

A nourishing blend of cacao, banana, strawberries, chia flour, and hemp plant protein.

Naturally rich in iron and velvety smooth in consistency, this beverage provides a powerful and delicious source of plant protein for sustained energy throughout the day.

Free from refined sugar
94% of your RDI of iron per bottle
Best enjoyed in the morning for day-long energy
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    Supporting our world
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    All-natural Ingredients

    B Corp Certified

    Zero carbon Certified

    New Zealand Made

    Living Wage Employer

    Climate Positive Certified

    Enhancing nutrition

    We dedicated years of innovation toward our Superfood Smoothies. Our goal was to create a delicious, velvety, and deeply nourishing smoothie using plant-derived protein. And with time, we made it happen.

    The key to our formula? Powder-fine hemp plant protein (using only hulled hemp seeds for optimal nutrients), blended with chia flour and water. When combined with fresh fruits, berries, and cacao, these ingredients create a rich smoothie with a balanced consistency.

    To produce the drinks, we use a custom-built technology that extracts the full nutrients and flavour from the ingredients, resulting in a plant protein smoothie like no other. It’s all-natural, nutritious, and tastes like a treat.

    Plant Protein

    Plant Protein





    Prebiotic Fibre

    Prebiotic Fibre

    Plant Omega 3

    Plant Omega 3

    Cacao Superfood Smoothie x12 Pack
    Cacao Superfood Smoothie x12 Pack

    Feel the difference

    (Cacao Superfood Smoothie 1) Sustained energy

    Sustained energy

    The Cacao Superfood Smoothie is packed with iron which contributes to energy production, and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

    (Cacao Superfood Smoothie 3) Better mood

    Better mood

    Magnesium is a vital nutrient for healthy brain function and energy production. Because the Cacao Superfood Smoothie is naturally rich in magnesium, the drink can contribute to normal psychological function, assisting your mood levels.

    (Cacao Superfood Smoothie 2) Improved digestion

    Improved digestion

    The Cacao Superfood Smoothie naturally contains fibre which contributes to keeping you regular, helping maintain good gut health.

    (Cacao Superfood Smoothie 4) Metabolism support

    Metabolism support

    Magnesium is essential for maintaining your body’s energy production and boosting your metabolism. With 82% of your RDI of magnesium, the Cacao Superfood Smoothie is an excellent source of normal energy metabolism support.

    Let’s talk about hemp

    Hemp Seeds

    Produced by mature hemp plants, hemp seeds have crunchy outer shells which can be bitter in flavour.

    Hemp Hearts

    By removing the outer shell from a hemp seed, you access the hemp heart, a softer kernel full of nutrients.

    Powder-fine Hemp Hearts

    We use powder-fine hemp hearts to power our Superfood Smoothies with dense hemp plant protein.

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    Murray B.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Breakfast on the run.

    Fantastic thanks. My 30 year old son recently had a low score on his liver, typical young man, to busy to stop and digest good things!

    Fay W.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Superfood smoothie

    My chosen Superfood Smoothie, is the most amazing, delicious, healthy, smoothie I've ever tasted. Highly recommended. Thanks chia sisters. I'll be back soon.

    Mel B.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    at the end of my working day

    I work outside and my end of work drink on a warm day like today is this cacao-banana. A little treat for myself while I start cooking tea for everyone else.



    4 Reviews

    Love it!

    Another fantastic Chia Sisters product!

    Ali Y.
    Verified Buyer
    New Zealand

    Love the drinks!


    Guest Blog by Tony Dodds, NZ Olympic Triathlete

    Even though I was sponsored by another supplement company for sports drinks while I was training, I always asked for a box of Chia Sisters.

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