Our story started back in 2012. I was a Neuroscientist living in Nelson, tinkering around in the garage with health and wellbeing drinks. My very first customers were my dad Ben, a world champion swimmer, and my sister Florence, a New Zealand triathlete. They were looking for something to fuel them that was rich in nutrition without the artificial colours and caffeine that usually come in ‘energy drinks’. I set out with an ambitious goal to make them the most nutritious drink in the world.


To make my first CHIA prototype I blended hydrated chia seeds with local blackcurrants. A local brewery helped us to bottle our first batch and the results were explosive - literally. There are probably still chia seeds on the roof of that factory and we weren't invited back...


But with Florence and Dad’s support I kept going and after a year of tinkering, tasting and testing, we launched CHIA. Athletes loved it. And so did everyone else. So much so that CHIA won the Health Category at the New Zealand Food Awards. Since then, we have continued to make nutritious new drinks including a range of hemp protein smoothies, pressed local fruit juices, sparkling coconut waters, crushed fruit smoothies, and immunity hot tonic.






Why our drinks?

Good for you

We use high-nutrition fruits and seeds to craft healthy drinks. Our ranges are all-natural, made from plants with no added sugar.

Made to perform

We are proud to produce New Zealand's most nutritious beverages. We believe health is about more than what is not in a product. Chia Sisters beverages are rich in nutrition.

Supporting local

When you drink Chia Sisters, you're not just supporting our little business. You're also supporting local producers like Glen who grows our Boysenberries just down the road.




Chia Sisters doesn't do ‘business as usual’

Simply put, ‘business as usual’ is quickly destroying our planet. That doesn’t work for us. We care about the planet we live on, the communities we operate in and the people we work with.


Planet – We installed 32 solar panels on our factory roof, gained zero carbon and climate positive certification, lead community workshops to combat climate change and partner with our community to reduce food waste.


People – We have an amazing team at Chia Sisters. One way we value them is by paying each employee above Living Wage. We are accredited with Living Wage Aotearoa, an organisation that tackles poverty and inequality.


Nutrition – Our drinks are better for you. They are all natural, made from plants, with no added sugar, no GMOs and no artificial ingredients. CHIA and Hemp Smoothies are packed with micronutrients to keep you fuelled, whatever your activity.





We are a certified B Corp!


What is ‘B Corp’ you may be wondering? Certified B Corporations are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. B Corp is a global network of ethical businesses: there are 3,800 certified B Corporations across 74 countries and 150 industries (so far). In March 2021 Chia Sisters was certified as the highest-scoring B Corp™ in New Zealand, achieving a score of 118.6.






We're not perfect


In our ambition to do better business it is important to hold ourselves accountable. It’s nearly impossible to run a perfect business, and it’s always going to be a work in progress. If you have an idea, suggestion or feedback for us, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.


Email: admin@chia.co.nz
Text or call us: (+64) 21 167 0707



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