Meet the team: Lisa (the one that holds us together)

Meet the team: Lisa (the one that holds us together)

Our Accounts Manager Lisa is one of those people where you feel like you need to do advanced mental calculations to work out how she manages to fit everything in. Along with managing our accounts and payroll, streamlining our processes and keeping everything ticking along, she is also mum to three beautiful girls and runs her own side hustle. She also manages to squeeze in trail running, mountain biking and the gym. She is our longest standing member of the Chia Sisters team and has been here through the ups and downs. We caught up with Lisa to hear about her journey at Chia Sisters over the years.

You’re a long-standing, valued member of the team. Can you tell us what has kept you at Chia Sisters for the last five years?

My time at Chia Sisters started back in August 2017 when there were just five of us working across the fence in the salmon-coloured roof shed (now known as C Moore Building). I knew I wanted to be part of this team as soon as I walked into the interview. Florence and Chloe were super welcoming and laid back - this is me to a tee and is important to me when it comes to employment while being a Mum. My role was created that day and I have continued to build it up and implement new processes and procedures since then.

I went on maternity leave for a year in 2019 working right up until I was 38 weeks pregnant. The team were an amazing support to me then, right through to when I had my third girl. When I returned to work in 2020 so much had changed, we had moved buildings, created a production room and new faces joined the team.

Five years on and I would say I am part of the furniture. I have had a go at dispatch, production, orders, and even a photoshoot. I have enjoyed seeing the company grow from a small family business to a business taking on the world with climate action and challenging the way standard business is done.

What has been your favourite moment at Chia Sisters?

So many favourites but I do love our team mountain bike adventures up Codgers (the local Mountain Bike park in Nelson) - so many laughs and fun had. I also love our “fun office” donut day (shout out to Blackbird Eatery for epic donuts) on Friday, although this got out of control and is now once a month.

I enjoy sharing the love of our delicious drinks with family and friends, especially if they haven’t tried them before. I love to see their reactions, and when they speak highly of how nutritious and amazing the drinks are.

Tell us a bit about your typical day at Chia Sisters.

I usually walk in the door with a coffee for Kevin (Production Manager) and have a catch up and laughs before logging in and getting on with my day. Shortly after Courtney (Orders Admin and Sales) arrives and we have a quick chat and laugh too. The banter is great.

What are some of the biggest challenges you think Chia Sisters face?

Exporting product overseas during this pandemic is proving difficult.

What is your favourite Chia Sisters drink?

Back in 2017 we had a Chia Feijoa and Pink Guava flavour which I absolutely loved but next in line is our Chia Natural Energy Orange and Passionfruit, followed very closely by Sparkling Nelson Boysenberry.

What do you think everyone should know about Chia Sisters that they probably don’t?

We laugh a lot and have a great close team with amazing support for each other. We’re not a 9-5 corporate - there’s so much flexibility. We feel more like a family than corporate colleagues. I’ve never experienced this before.

I also don’t think people truly understand the huge health benefits our functional drinks provide. I can vouch that these work magic before and after sports events.

What can we find you doing when you’re not at work?

I am not one to sit still so I am always super busy at the gym, mountain biking, trail running and being a full time Mum to three beautiful wee girls.

Did I mention I also have a side hustle I do from home where I restore and modernise furniture from my shed – it’s called Twisted Vintage.

What’s been your proudest moment here?

Creating the roles and processes and training new team members. Surviving 2020 lockdown working 30-40 hours per week with 3 kids at home doing both orders and admin.

What's one of your goals outside work this year?

To improve my skill on my mountain bike and to complete a half marathon, something I have been doing each year since my last baby.

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